Deforestation, excessive mining, over-population, rapid industrial development and such other human activities are constantly gnawing away the delicate ecological balance of the Earth. The world is experiencing distress in the form of global warming, dwindling biodiversity, melting of glaciers and so on. At Green is My LifeStyle!, we simply want to ask you one question – do you want to leave anything for your children or the future generation as a whole? If you do, just building skyscrapers and hoarding gold will not help. You need to act and act fast to find out ways by which you can adopt and promote a green way of living, and this is what we are all about.

Sustainable Living – Why is it the Need of the Hour?

Sustainability is not just a buzzword that you hear on various social media platforms. It is the only way that humans can guarantee their existence. Sustainable living mainly refers to living in a way that not only supports itself, but it’s surrounding. It is about leaving something back for the generations that will come after you. Without sustainability, it will be difficult for humans to maintain their quality of life. Since the weather conditions are deteriorating every single day and there is an eminent fear of doomsday, it is high time that humans adopt sustainable living ways if they do not want to be wiped out completely.

How Can You Save the Earth from Dying?

At Green is My LifeStyle!, we think that simply, everyday changes can go a long way in saving Mother Earth. You can start with the three Rs – reduce, recycle and reuse. You can also employ proper waste management in your home, as well as, workplace. Other good habits that you can adopt are cycling to work, switching off the lights, fans and other electrical gadgets when not in use, saving water and so on. Such little actions will go a long way in helping you save and conserve the environment.

Our Mission & Objectives

Unable to take the sad sight of our planet, we have made it our mission to live healthy and free of chemicals. We also want to inspire others towards a healthy life so that Earth, which is the only planet with life, can continue to stay green for years to come. In order to promote you to embrace a healthy and green lifestyle, we aim to keep updating posts on the benefits, trends and necessity of living a life free of activities and substances that can potential harm our environment.

Green is My LifeStyle! is all about embracing a green way of living. What’s your color?